Caffeinated3D Engine Alpha Released! v1.0.0a

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Caffeinated3D Engine Alpha Released! v1.0.0a

Postby Cysis » Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:24 am


Caffeinated3D Engine Alpha Released!
After the long wait and 2 month delay we finally reached sufficient progress to let you all try out what we have made so far. First of all we’d like to thank you for your understanding and patience and while we were originally scheduled to release the alpha a while ago, several new bugs and problems were discovered that had to be fixed for it to become even usable. Having said that there are still some problems which haven’t been fixed yet but these are not engine breaking and will be fixed gradually with patches that will be released systemically from now on.

What to Expect
Please remember that this is a Software Alpha, nothing like the Steam Alphas - so don’t go running in expecting to be able to make the Witcher only to discover it isn’t possible yet. This version of the software has the core of the entire language at your disposal which doesn’t give you much to work with, however it needs to be solid in order for the rest of the engine to operate correctly. If we build the technology on a broken core then it’s going to be a nightmare in the future to fix everything.

This is an opportunity for you to try out what we have so far and become active in the development process with your feedback, bug reports and feature requests. If you find something that you think might be a bug, please post it on the forums so we can investigate. The sooner we find the problems the stronger the engine will become!

Patches and Updates
The engine is far from completed and there are going to be a lot of patches released over the course of the alpha. There is no fixed schedule for patches since as history would suggest we suck at keeping to the dates. Instead we will be taking a more blunt approach of “it’s done when it’s done”. We will try to have at least one patch every 2 weeks though. And for major patches we will release checklists of what is left to do.

The Engine itself has an auto-updater embedded into it, so whenever a patch becomes available the next time the engine starts up and you have a working internet connection, it will let you know that an update is available and will let you download it from the engine. Patches and Installers will also be available through the Download Area of the Distribution FTP Server.

Guides and Help
The Alpha comes with a fully detailed documentation explaining how to use the engine along with detailed descriptions and examples for each function. It also includes a handful of tutorials helping you get started with the new language.

If the Documentation won't let you view any of the information, it is because Windows has locked the .chm file. This can be easily fixed using these instructions:

Installation Guide
When you download your copy of the Caffeinated3D Alpha you will find 2 installers in the folder. One is for the Engine and one is for the Vulkan SDK which you will need to install for when the Vulkan Patch is released in the next few weeks.

The Engine must be installed in a directory where there is NO blank space in the file path otherwise the compiler won’t be able to operate correctly. Same goes for your project directories and project names. Spaces are evil!

Temporary Limitations
- While we had promised the Texture Welder Tool would be available with the first release of the Alpha, it began causing strange problems that were taking too long to fix. Since we didn’t want to delay the alpha any further the tool has been temporarily disabled. We have included a tutorial in the documentation about how to go about doing the same process manually. The Texture Welder tool will be re-enabled in a later patch.

- Vulkan is currently not available in the release version of the Alpha since it isn’t ready yet, however we have made excellent progress and it will be introduced in one of the first few patches of the engine. For now OpenGL4.5 is at your disposal and all your projects will need the ForceGL() function in your initialize function.

- The Engine currently only supports a 64bit Architecture, 32bit will be released in one of the early patches.

- 3D Viewport in the Asset Manager currently does not display meshes, this will be fixed in the Vulkan Patch

Known Problems
The Following is a list of problems that we are already aware of and in progress of fixing.

- Mipmaps currently are not rendering their bilinears, so at range they will start to appear clunky.

- The leftmost tile of cubemaps is inverted along the Y axis. For now the easy fix is to flip the leftmost face in photoshop (or any other tool that can export DDS cubemaps) and make a new temporary cubemap.

- DDS textures must contain pre-compiled Mipmaps otherwise the texture data cannot be read and will appear solid black.

- DDS Floating Point 2D currently cause the engine to crash, however Floating Point Cubemaps work fine.

- FPS limited to 300fps on Windows 10

- Dynamic lights aren’t working correctly and have been disabled until fixed.

- Else If causes problems however If and Else work correctly

- Loading Assets by Imported ID's doesn't work. For the most part the Asset Repository wont become much use until the World Editor comes into play, for now just use the file path method of loading assets.

Before downloading the engine please read all of the information above as it will answer a lot of questions as well as give you an understanding of what to expect.

Copy and paste the link into your browser. A prompt for a username and password will come up. Use the following information to get access

Password: gajatix5543

Ensure that you download and install the Engine as well as the Vulkan SDK
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Re: Caffeinated3D Engine Alpha Released! v1.0.0a

Postby Yue » Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:03 pm

I'm downloading xD.

30 minutes waiting ... :(
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Re: Caffeinated3D Engine Alpha Released! v1.0.0a

Postby oakadin » Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:24 pm

do we need the vulcan sdk? i got it anyway but others might not.....

or maybe i should learn to read.....

yes its needed
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Re: Caffeinated3D Engine Alpha Released! v1.0.0a

Postby Madjack » Thu Mar 02, 2017 10:55 am

It's out! I'll see if I can't have a blat around with it.
I note the commands list doesn't include any entity parenting commands yet?
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Re: Caffeinated3D Engine Alpha Released! v1.0.0a

Postby c3d13 » Thu Mar 02, 2017 10:48 pm

downloading now ! this is getting exciting !
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Re: Caffeinated3D Engine Alpha Released! v1.0.0a

Postby Cysis » Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:07 pm

Madjack wrote:It's out! I'll see if I can't have a blat around with it.
I note the commands list doesn't include any entity parenting commands yet?

Not yet, while there is parenting for Interface, there isn't a parenting option available for Entities just yet. This will be included later down the line once we have Vulkan working. We've only got SpirV Shaders left to do. After that there will be a rather Large update.

Next on the list after that is fixing up the new compiler, since the current one is quite picky about how it wants things. Once the New compiler is done we should be able to start adding everything else from Audio to Physics really easily :D
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Re: Caffeinated3D Engine Alpha Released! v1.0.0a

Postby c3d13 » Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:23 am

I was just trying it out and can't quite get anything to work yet. Is there an example project to load up to try and see it work ?

I followed all the tutorials so far making a new project etc. etc... i understand that the mainloop is the main thing that runs the whole project ? or did i understand wrong ? i loaded up the free camera code and saved it in my mainloop.disp and then hit the run button and it says building project in the bottom left corner forever and nothing happens. I also try to use the stop button to stop the building process but it wont stop ..ever. so then i exit and reload the engine again to stop it.

What am i doing wrong ? do i have to import textures and meshes,etc. also for just running the free camera code ?

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nvm i got help from the discord channel for this !! found out that you have to install to the default directory it wants to install and then it worked !
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Re: Caffeinated3D Engine Alpha Released! v1.0.0a

Postby Sammy » Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:21 pm

A very promising start, well done guys! ;)

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