FMOD Is coming to Caffeinated3D!

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FMOD Is coming to Caffeinated3D!

Postby Cysis » Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:43 pm

Over the past few weeks we've been deep in discussion with the team at Firelight Technologies ( so that we would be able to bring their awesome Audio software, FMOD to our Engine.

Yesterday we got a signed agreement back from them and we are free to distribute FMOD with the engine to all users!

What is FMOD?
FMOD Studio is a cross platform digital sound and music system and toolset. It includes tools, documentation, example code and the accompanying media, as well as the static libraries and runtime binaries needed to function.

What does this mean for me?
Awesomeness basically. Not only does this allow the engine to gain an industry standard back-end for all audio systems but you also get an entire Audio Editing suite from inside the engine, where you can record and create your Sounds & Music for your game! Apart from this, you will also be able to directly edit your audio while your game is running so you can live debug your sound and make sure your game sounds perfect!

Does this come as an Upgrade with extra cost?
Due to the licensing agreement we have with Firelight Technologies you do not need to pay any form of additional amount to gain access and use this new side of the engine. There is however additional fee's from FMOD that come into play if your project has a budget greater than $100,000 and is commercial. Please check the official commercial licensing rules of FMOD to ensure your project does not violate these terms:

Do I have to recognise FMOD in my project?
Yes. The FMOD software needs to be credited in your game in some way shape or form. The most common way is a splash screen, but you are free to explore other options such as text on the main menu or accreditation in the documentation of your project. You are free to choose how you wish to credit FMOD. If you ever want to remove this from your project then you will have to get a disclosure agreement signed between you and Firelight Technologies.

When will FMOD be introduced to the engine?
We are aiming to have FMOD fully integrated sometime March 2017

Here are a few screen shots of the tool coming soon to the engine:
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Re: FMOD Is coming to Caffeinated3D!

Postby Yue » Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:14 am

Great news :)
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